Der verbotene Film/Forbidden Film [2006]
16 mm

an experiment in film narration. read more here.

Möbius Filmschleife/Möbius Filmloop [2003]
16 mm

a 16 mm loop spliced together like a möbius strip meaning that the one end meeting the other is turned by 180 degrees. to ensure projectability double perforated film used.


ZUSE [2002]
35 mm

structural films use mathematical means in order to arrange frames. a reflection on the serial nature of film. ZUSE is an exact copy of an original program for the Z3 computer made by konrad zuse in 1941. he is considered the father of today's computers. his calculating machines (Z1, 1938 & Z3, 1941) were programmed with perforated 35 mm film. the program used to make ZUSE originally helped to factor out a polynomial. a small comment on the mathematics involved in structural film and thus a meta-structural film.


Feuer Frei/Open Fire [1998]
16 mm

shots of something burning, clear and black leader treated with fire and smoke. unscreenable!


Der Antifilm/The Anti-Movie [1997]
super 8

black leader arranged in various ways to prevent screening. sprocket holes cut off at some sequences. other sequences spliced together with the sprocket holes at the opposite side. in case of projection this film would rather destroy itself than expose its black soul.