Energie! [2007]
electrons on film
Kosmos [2004]
crystals grown on 16mm film
Friendly Fire [2003]
burned filmstrips resurrected
Gestalt [2003]
4d fractals in 3d space
Más Fuerte [2003]
road trip extravaganza
Hautnah/Skinflick [2002]
experiment with human skin

Videohaut/Videoskin [2001]
machine <-> human interaction
Silver Screen [2000]
foil paper film
Superbitmapping [2000]
what ascii code feels like
Blutrausch/Bloodlust [1999]
the filmmaker's blood on film
K.I.L.L. [1999]
kinetic image laboratory/lobotomy
Expanded Cinema Pieces
there's more to film than moving images