Gestalt [2003]
DV, 5:20 minutes
four-dimensional quaternions (fractals) are visualized by projecting them into three-dimensional space. instead of modeling objects of human imagination the realm of mathematics is explored. only the variables of one formula (x[n+1]=x[n]^p
-honorary mention at the prix ars electronica 2003
-best video/computer art at the asolo film festival
-best experimental film at the lausanne underground film festival
-low budget video award at the microcinefest
-nominated for the imagina award at the imagina
-c) were changed. it took me about a year to get an idea of the transformations and shapes which could be expressed by this formula. almost another year was needed to render the sequences which I decided to use.

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'gestalt' is available on the following DVD compilations:
-CyberArts 2003 - International Compendium Prix Ars Electronica
-Imagina Trips - Volume 2