Die Maschine liebt dich auf ihre Art [2000]
The machine loves you her way [2000]

pleasing and comforting electronic compositions. 'quién sabe' makes you want to sing along. 'disguise in love with you' seduces with a modulated smile. 'krachendes holz' almost succeeds in its secret wish to become solid matter. 'tesla coil' makes its point in a quiet and thoroughly subtle way. 'tokyo2' slowly drills into your head to finally discharge its electric charm full force right into your brain.

download the songs:

quién sabe 1:46 minutes, 2 mb
disguise in love with you 3:08, 3 mb
krachendes holz 7:17, 6 mb
tesla coil 9:01, 12 mb
tokyo2 9:24, 11 mb