some old super 8 films available for download [most are silent]:

Feuerfaust/Firefist [1998]
the artist burning his fist
Fick das System/Fuck the system [1998]
cheating on a structural film
Sketches: Film Fights [1998]
a mutilated super 8 film fights the projector. a beautiful massacre
Flex Action [1998]
flexing books and videotapes, burning cds
Flexcam [1997]
flexing the camera
Eiskalt/In cold blood [1997]
winter impressions
Ozon/Ozone [1997]
time-lapse studies
Landschaft/Landscape [1997]
between marburg and frankfurt by train
Sketches: Autobahn, Night, Ambulance [1997]
light in motion
Sketches: Light, Skin, Blood [1997]
experiments which later developed into 'Bloodlust' and 'Skinflick'
Kamerazerfetzer/Cameraannihilator [1997]
destroying the camera while filming
High Tech Heimwerker [1997]
destroying consumer goods with consumer goods
Generation x->x² [1997]
short structural exercise
Das erste mal LSD/First time LSD [1997]
not what you think
Amphetamine im Auto/Amphetamines in the car [1996]
road movie exercise
4 small collage films from 1995/1996
a zip archive containing 4 films